In April the P4CA partners met for the sixth steering committee meeting. This time, the meeting was held in Matera, in the South of Italy, where Materahub, partner organisation, welcomed the partners from five other countries. The meeting was once again a great opportunity for the partners to meet face to face and reinforce the collaboration and team spirit that is the driving force of such European projects. Having all of the six partner organisations physically present for this meeting was key to two successful days of problem solving, action planning, brainstorming, and looking at the last phase of the project. After two years of online communication only, this was the second opportunity for the whole team to meet and to catch up on all the things that have been delayed due to the pandemic or were difficult to deal with through digital communication. Meeting in presence is a real push for the project, as a lot of decisions and solutions are being taken in two intense days. What were these decisions about?

  • Finalising intellectual output 4 – the interactive platform.
  • Moving forward with intellectual output 5 – the guide on good practices for apprenticeships in the CCI in Europe.
  • Establishing the guidelines for intellectual output 6 – the accreditation pathway.

Before the meeting, two trainers from each partner organisation met during three days for a Joint Staff Training. During the training, each trainer’s pair was invited to discuss the intellectual output they were managing: Rinova’s trainers went over IO1 and made sure no elements were missing – ARTeria’s trainers presented IO2 and the few elements that needed to be finalised in order to close the IO – PresstoExit’s trainers showed the final version of IO3 and gave suggestions on how to present the toolkit – The trainers at KIKK discussed the challenges meant for the development of IO4 – Materahub’s trainers gave the final indications to the realisation of the guide – RDA’s trainers discussed the most relevant accreditation system that can be involved in the project. After covering each IO, all trainers agreed on the key points to work on in order to present the final results of the project during the national multiplier events that will be held in all six countries, and especially for the conference that will take place in Skopje, North Macedonia, on the 14th of June 2022.