Article by Arteria

The main objective of the P4CA project is to support the implementation of creative apprenticeships by building the skills of apprenticeship tutors within organisations working in the creative industries. We believe that creating such an informal apprenticeship pathway can be beneficial for many people because, as we can read in one partner’s study, “Apprenticeship Coaches need to have specific CCI industry experience and understanding of career pathways in the CCIs”.

The project aims to develop new training content and build a professional development pathway for trainers and tutors so that they can apply it in practical workplace situations.

To support the creation of the apprenticeship mentor program, a non-formal learning pathway has been created, on the basis of which they will be able to develop their knowledge and competencies. To create this program, PRD groups were formed in each partner country. IO2 initiated peer development and review (PDR) groups by each partner with user groups in their country to ensure that learning outcomes and descriptors reflect the realities of current practice and the needs of those who provide services in the field. These groups participated in creating the content of this pathway.

The work of these PRD groups was very different, because in each country there is a different view of the role of this tutor and nowhere is the profession of an internship tutor in the creative industry defined. However, with this variety of approaches, the results of the group work provide a broad picture.

The curriculum that is the result of the partnership’s work will be available on the P4CA website in open resources. This non formal-learning pathway will be the starting point for the Toolkit for Apprenticeships Coaches and Incompany Trainers, which will be a handbook with resources for these apprenticeship supervisors.