Partnerships for Creative Apprenticeships (P4CA) Multiplier Event organized by Regional Development Agency Senec-Pezinok took place on 30th June 2022 at 4pm in Šamorín, Slovakia.

The agenda of the event was focused on:

  • presentation of project aim;
  • project outputs;
  • common evaluation of the online platform (Discord) that was used as a main educational resource platform during the project with participants (representatives of creative industries, artists, students, teachers);
  • open discussion with the audience about the project, its outputs and possibilities to continue in this work;
  • presentation of the current state of development of creative industries (CCIs) and future visions on a national level

The organization of the event confirmed that people have an interest in projects and different programs that could support and make more visible sector of culture and creative industry. Referring to cooperation between educational institutions and job market our participants consider the most essential.

As we know CCIs in general have a big potential, it is one the most developing sector so it good that within the EU programs exist many initiatives and possibilities for financing the project ideas in the sector. Equally important is the stimulation of young people to be more involved in the education that later on supports their ability and employability in the job market.

The event also gave a valuable feedback on the existence of a role of Apprenticeship Coach or In-Company trainer. It would be good to do a follow up on what has been done during this project and prepare a new project where we pilot at the national level and consequently implement in the formal education system.