On 26 and 27 November 2019, P4CA (Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships) was officially launched in London. P4CA is a Strategic Partnership project funded by the European Community through the Erasmus+ KA2 programme. All the project partners from 6 European countries attended the kick-off meeting: RDA SP (Slovakia), Press to Exit Project Space (North Macedonia), ARTeria (Poland) Materahub (Italy), CICC Association (Hungary) – led by Rinova (UK), lead partner.

The lead partner illustrated and shared the ultimate goals of the project which aims to support the professional development of trainers, VET teachers, apprenticeship tutors and employers who direct young people to apprenticeships in the Creative and Cultural Industries.

P4CA seeks to develop new models to support delivery of creative apprenticeships and to promote the application of the European Council recommendations on a Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships, which call for the following points:

  • there should be clear results leading to recognised qualifications,
  • apprentices should be paid or otherwise compensated,
  • apprentices should be entitled to social protection,
  • career guidance, mentoring and learner support should be provided to apprentices both before and during the apprenticeship in order to ensure a successful outcome,
  • pedagogical support should be provided to teachers, trainers and mentors, especially in micro-, small and medium-sized companies.

The project pays particular attention to these last two points, working – in this first phase – to establish the specific competences needed by apprenticeship coaches in order to promote the employment of young people in the emerging sector of Cultural and Creative Industries, and aligning this to CLOCK YOUR SKILLS accreditation framework for informal and non-formal learning.

The Meeting focused upon on setting the main concepts, and upon formulating a methodology that is adapted to the needs of young people and employers in the CCI sector,

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