Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships (P4CA) aims to support the delivery of creative apprenticeships by building the skills of apprenticeship coaches and In-House Company trainers within the sector. It will promote the application of the European Framework for Apprenticeships to the Cultural and Creative Industries in 6 European countries and develop new training content and joint VET qualifications for these coaches to integrate work-based learning and apply knowledge in practical workplace situations in the CCIs.

Today, we are happy to announce one of the first results of the project: the publication of our report (free download here)

Our report defines a framework for the project by sharing the knowledge of the six partner countries on success factors, best practices, obstacles and barriers to the implementation of apprenticeship for employers and young people and by identifying strategies for the effective implementation of apprenticeship in cultural and creative industries. The results will be used to design a professional profile and competence standards and an informal learning path for the role of Apprenticeship Coach.

To learn more about apprenticeship in our partnership countries you can also find graphic summaries of the various national contexts.

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