P4CA Testing Phase

As the team is finaling the last steps of the project, we are entering the testing phase of P4CA. The team, and with the valuable help of Carlo Magni from Materahub, has put together all the content created over the last two years on the p4ca.eu website. In the results page, you can find the six steps that have been guiding the project’s path and the different content the team has been working on. 

Step 1: a comparative contextual report on Apprenticeships in the Creative and Cultural Industries in the six countries

Step 2: a modular non-formal learning pathway

Step 3: a toolbox of learning resources

Step 4: an open educational resource providing an interactive online environment to engage with the toolkit and other learners – You can find the interactive platform on the website under “interactive platform” which will redirect you to discord. Discord is a great tool to discuss with others and find more materials, we invite you to register and try it out, you will most definitely like it! 

Step 5: a good practice guide – You can find the full version of the guide in English, and a summary of the guide in Italian. On the last page, you will find a link to a survey specifically related to this guide, your feedback here will be very useful!

Step 6: a guide to accreditation

The testing phase is an essential part of the project as we gather the final feedback from the persons the project is intended for: apprenticeship coaches, company trainers, VET trainers, tutors, creatives, students looking for apprenticeships in the CCIs. If you wish to be involved in the final phase of the project and share your thoughts, you can do so by completing this short quiz here, and then by taking a look at the six steps and their materials here. By the end of the month, we will ask you for your final thoughts after going through the P4CA’s website and content. Don’t hesitate to take a look and to write to us!