about the project

P4CA (Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships) is a transnational project developed under Erasmus + EU programme aiming at applying new models to support the delivery of Quality and Effective Apprenticeships in the Creative and Cultural Sector, by building the skills of apprenticeship coaches and In-House Company trainers.

P4CA will promote the application of the European Framework for Apprenticeships to the CCIs in 6 European countries and develop new training content and joint VET qualifications for apprenticeship coaches and in company trainers, to integrate work-based learning and apply knowledge in practical workplace situations in the CCIs.

The main project target groups are:

  1. VET trainers, tutors, teachers and mentors who advice, support and train young people in the role of apprenticeship coaches or In-Company trainers.
    PC4A will provide training and learning resources for these coaches, mobilities for transnational exchange of practice and a pathway towards validating and accrediting their competences.
  2. CCI employers, associations and networks.
    PC4A will promote the benefits of apprenticeships in the CCIs and pilot innovative collaborative approaches to deliver work-based learning through clusters, networks and hubs.
  3. Young people aged 16 to 29 from disadvantaged groups or who are NEET.
    PC4A will engage creative young people in the design and testing of learning materials and project outputs. Apprenticeship coaches will support them with training through work-based learning and mobility opportunities that act as a pathway into apprenticeships and introduction to career opportunities in the CCIs.
The work programme will produce the following results:

An Occupational Profile and Competence Standards validating the role of the CCI Micro enterprise Apprenticeship Coach

A Methodological Framework for design and scope of the learning programme

A comprehensive suite of Learning Outcomes and Descriptors (Knowledge, Skills and Competences) with assessment criteria for professional development of the role aligned to EQF

A web-enabled toolkit of learning resources for Apprenticeship Coaches mapped against the Learning Outcomes and tailored to the needs of the CCIs

An Open Educational Resource making these resources freely accessible and available and promoting Quality and Effective European Creative Apprenticeships

A Navigator for Accreditation Pathway – suite of digital tools and resources to support the process of accreditation for Apprenticeship Coaches