Intellectual Output #2  non-formal learning pathway

The main objective of the P4CA project is to support the implementation of creative apprenticeships by building the skills of apprenticeship tutors within organisations working in the creative industries. To support the creation of the apprenticeship mentor program, a non-formal learning pathway has been created, on the basis of which they will be able to develop their knowledge and competencies.

For more information read the article written by the lead partner of the Intellectual output and click here to download the final version of the document, also available in the Results section on the project website.

From UK interesting innovations for apprenticeship in CCIs

Youth unemployment in the UK has risen sharply as a result of the Covid crisis. Official statistics show there are nearly half a million fewer young people in work than a year ago. Read more in the article on our blog and discover how the UK government’s Skills Strategy’s proposals for flexible Apprenticeships could match the needs of the creative sector.